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Oxygen Manufacturing Plant

BDM is a leading exporter and manufacturer of high quality oxygen gas plants that generate medical grade oxygen with purity up to 99.7%.

oxygen nitrogen plant

Oxygen nitrogen gas plants generate oxygen and nitrogen gases with purity upto 99.7% and 99.99% respectively, which are approved for different medical and industrial applications.

liquid oxygen plant

The liquid oxygen plant produces oxygen and nitrogen in liquid form, and comes out with skid mounted design meaning no special foundation or civil work needed.

acetylene plant

Acetylene gas of our acetylene has plants burns along with oxygen as a cutting & welding torch and it provides the highest temperature of any known oxygen gas mixture.

Oxygen Gas Production Plant

We have collaboration with an Italian brand "Cryofusion & Mandressi Italia" in order to impart designs, drawings and manufacturing skills. Features like energy efficiency, low maintenance, ready to install equipments, long life, etc. make our oxygen plants and equipments stand out in the world market. Due to the quality of our oxygen plant products and their exceptional performance, we are continuously achieving new milestones of success and all our products have been awarded with ‘Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS)’, a mark of quality.

Started in NCR region of New Delhi (India) in 1997, the company has manufactured and supplied over 300 plants and equipments all over the world. Apart from SGS, we are also awarded with CE and ISO certifications. CE certification is a mark of quality and without it no one can supply products in the USA and European markets. Our oxygen production plant are cost effective as well because raw materials and labour cost in India is comparatively lower. Government policies also accelerate the manufacturing industry.There is no doubt that the oxygen plant manufacturers pay greatest attention to the technology. However, the other factors are equally important if not more. Designing cannot be ignored as durability, performance and reliability depends on how good the designing oxygen manufacturing plant is. The technology used by the leading oxygen plant supplier is sourced from the best industrial gas plant manufacturers in the US and Europe.

Being an established oxygen plant manufacturer, it is always our endeavor to deliver high quality oxygen gas production plants to our customers. Satisfaction of the customers is the top priority for our business since they constitute the bedrock of our business. We care trusted all over the globe for offering oxygen generation plants fabricated using the best available cryogenic technology. Customers prefer to buy from because of our commitment to quality, innovation and responsive after sales service. As far as quality is concerned, our oxygen plants are ISO 9001 and CE certified.

We have become the leading oxygen gas production plant manufacturer on the dint of our dedicated service to the customers. It is not enough to offer high quality oxygen generation machine but also to offer quality after sales service. Oxygen plant machinery runs seamlessly only if quality long-term after sales service is offered. The service include repair of the machinery whenever there is breakdown of the machinery or some other fault creeps in the oxygen plants. Apart from using the best technology and designing, we also offer the most competitive prices that would not get anywhere else. It is the reason customers from all over the globe prefer to buy oxygen gas production plants from us.

The philosophy of "Prosperity with Motivation, Innovation, Reliability and Commitment" helps us bring high quality, fully automatic and technologically very advanced oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene producing systems. We have our customers located each corner of the globe. To better serve existing as well as potential customers, we have well equipped after sales and customer care departments working round the clock. We can be contacted through all medium of communications, including emails and cell phones. Contact us now to get technical details and quotations of our products.