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  • Acetylene is gas which is lighter than air and is highly flammable and colorless besides having garlic-like odor. It finds applications as a chemical building block and as a fuel because of its inflammable and colorless characteristics.
  • In its pure form, it remains unstable so it is more often than not used as a solution. It is the chemical compound with the formula C2H2—a compound of hydrogen and carbon. It is the simplest alkyne besides being a hydrocarbon.
  • The chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water generates acetylene. However, it is to be noted that the reaction generates a great amount of heat, which must be vitiated to stop the acetylene gas from exploding in the acetylene gas plants.


Acetylene plants designed and developed by our company perform exceptionally for years as we acquire latest Italian Technology. The acetylene generated by our company is highly pure and is used for different industrial applications. Acetylene has been created after having a chemical reaction between the calcium carbide and water. In fact, the acetylene gas burns along with oxygen as a cutting & welding torch and it provides the highest temperature of any known oxygen gas mixture. Since our inception, a number of machines have been installed all over the world and they are suitably performing as per the expectations of our customers.

With the passage of time and consistent development in technology, our company has become a manufacturer and supplier of acetylene generating machines. All our products are unique and unmatched in the industry for being designed and developed under the guidance of Cryofusion & Mandressi Italia. The acetylene generating machine is fully automatic and all our operations are performed automatically by pneumatically controlled valves along with perfect sensors and temperature controller imported from USA.


  • Capacity ranging from 25cum/hour to 100cum/hr
  • Robust design for trouble free working
  • No bulky gas holder required
  • Automatic controls for feeding water
  • Excellent absorption of gas in cylinders
  • No gas loss and high yield
  • Very simple and safe to operate
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Acetylene Generator
  • Condenser
  • Low Pressure Dryer
  • Purifier
  • Ammonia Scrubber
  • Acetylene Compressor
  • High Pressure Drier
  • Filling Manifold with two


Acetylene Generator :

The acetylene generating machines comprise of a twin Hooper that is Agitator and its drive unit, Carbide Hooper screw feeder and its drive, Flash back arrestor, Safety relief valves drain system & the automatic controls system.

Acetylene Plant Generator

Cooler Condenser :

The cooler condenser cools the acetylene gas having the generator, which is hot and overloaded with moisture and other gaseous impurities.

Low Pressure Dryer :

This is a pressure vessel charged with solid anhydrous carbide which soaks up the moisture in the gas.

Purifier :

This is a large vessel provided with two sectors by wire mesh frame network. Each sections by wire mesh frame work. Each sectors are charged with purifying mass which absorbs gases like hydrogen sulphide, phosgene etc.

Ammonia Scrubber :

This equipment has a vertical vessel filled with a level gauge and water make-up line. A particular as marked on the level indicator has to be maintained. The ammonia scrubber all the water soluble impurities like ammonia.

Acetylene Compressor :

The acetylene compressor is a three stage machine which is immersed in water filled tank to avoid any pressurized gas to come in contact with air and also to make sure that all the components are continuously cooled. The compressor is drawn by flame proof motor from outside the tank.

High Pressure Dryer :

The high pressure dryer consists of three columns. The first column is filled with packing to avoid any void and for proper mixing and the second and third are filled with anhydrous calcium chloride.

Acetylene Gas Filling Manifold :

The acetylene gas manifold consists of two headers fitted with non-return valves, one flash back arrestors, pressure gauge and manual isolation valves.

Acetone Pump :

Acetone pump is supplied along with the plant for charging acetone in cylinders.

Automatic Controls of Acetylene Generator :

  • Temperature cum water inlet control.
  • High temperature alarm.
  • Level cum slurry discharge control.
  • Level alarm.
  • Pressure controls.
  • Control of high temperature.
  • Control of high level.

Level Controls :

Level controller maintains a particular level in the generator. If the level reaches above normal, water can enter into the carbide hop.

Level Alarm :

The pressure inside the acetylene generator is controlled by a meteoroid switch.

Pressure Alarm :

This is the important part for the safety of this plant. A pressure switch is connected to the alarm system.

Acetylene Table