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  • Air is taken from the atmosphere by the air separation plant to generate oxygen as well as nitrogen via using low pressure cryogenic distillation process.
  • The plant uses cutting-edge low pressure technology of Mandressi Italia and is made up of roatary screw compressor and turbo expanders.
  • Atmospheric air goes into molecular sieve purification system, which is employed to eliminate moisture and Co2 from the processed air.
  • Air gets separated into liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. The final product is stored in tanks and cylinders.


The air separation plants designed and developed by our company are installed all corners of the world and they have been delivering the results beyond the expectations of our clients. We are associated with "Felice Mandressi" of Italy to get the latest technology and the best designs available in the market. Being a global leader in air separation solutions and technology, our company has delivered over 300 air separation plants in more than 40 countries. Our systems can generate gaseous and liquids products for pipeline distribution or cryogenic liquids tank/bottle/cylinder filling.

The capacity of the air separation machine ranges from 50 m3/hour to 10,000 m3/hour and purity of oxygen and nitrogen outputs is upto 99.7% and 99.99% respectively. While designing and delivering the machines, we comply with the highest safety, health, environment and quality standards. Easy maintenance and smooth operation are some of the features making our products sought after in the industry. Some more features of the machines are outstanding efficiency, superior plant availability and lowest lifecycle costs.


  • Easy & economical maintenance and smooth operation.
  • Robust plant with internationally approved component concepts.
  • Outstanding designs.
  • Approved raw materials ensure continuous production.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Quick installation and commissioning on-site.
  • Low specific power consumption due to Low pressure (10 Bar) process.
  • Very low maintenance due to NO RECIPROCATING PARTS.
  • Air cooled fully automatic design Air Compressor with no water required for cooling.
  • Cylinder filling done via vaporizer from the Liquid storage tanks (if required).
  • Fully Automatic operation via DCS system available.
  • Fully Containerized model available.
  • All plants optionally use "Oil free" screw /centrifugal oil compressor working between 0.6 to 1.0 mpa.
  • All plants incorporate Aluminum Brazed exchangers and packed columns for high efficiency.
  • Expanders (Oil or Air Bearing) for trouble free operation.
  • All plants above "500" are supplied with automatic PLC control.
  • Engineering support along with complete quality control is provided by our company.
  • We provide qualified engineers for Supervision Installation and startup of all our plants as well as training of manpower at customers’ site.
  • Very low power consumption with proven performance and virtually Zero maintenance required for the machines.
  • 100% reliability for oxygen gas quality for industrial & hospital use.
Air Separation Cold Box

To make the plants technologically advanced, we send our engineers Italy to get training on the latest developments in the industry and instill if any in our machines. The production team is supervised by quality controlling team to ensure each manufacturing process gets supervised carefully. We have different teams to check quality and other details until a plant gets ready for final shipment. Professionals pack the items in a manner they do not wear out in the shipping.


Air Compressor :

We offer latest air compressor in order to ensure exceptional performance of the machine. It comes up with a number of advantages, including :

  • Energy saving
  • High performance guaranteed
  • 24x7 service support
  • Fully automatic functioning
  • Air cooled design

Air Purification Unit :

The air purification unit alleviates impurities available on the air, including dust, hydrocarbons. Additionally, we also use 2 molecular sieve batteries to eradicate Carbon Di-Oxide via the process purification skid.

Air Separation Column (Cold Box) :

A grade air separation column is used to produce highly pure oxygen and nitrogen to fill in cylinders directly at pressure of 150 to 200 Bar.

Cylinder Filling Manifold :

This is the final stage where cylinders as well as tanks are filled through Liquid Oxygen Pump.

Technical Specifications
BDM 50 50 m3/hr 200 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 80 80 m3/hr 320 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 100 100 m3/hr 400 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 130 130 m3/hr 500 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 150 150 m3/hr 600 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 170 170 m3/hr 680 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 200 200 m3/hr 800 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 250 250 m3/hr 1000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 300 300 m3/hr 1200 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 400 400 m3/hr 1600 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 500 500 m3/hr 2000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 600 600 m3/hr 2400 99.7% 99.99%

Note : Larger Size Plants also available upto 2000 m3/hr Capacity.